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Finished, well maybe….I can think of a couple of additional things I want to do to the Corvette, but it is in pretty acceptable shape right now! From the previous post you know that I finished the interior and carpet.  I replaced the carpet and the under padding, the aftermarket P.O.S. radio/CD/MP3 player that wouldn’t […]

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Corvette Interior Project – FINAL!

Hopefully this is the final update on the Corvette interior project.  This morning, I put the final pieces of carpet and trim back on the car!   Got a good early start and finished up about noon. As projects often do, this turned out to be more than I anticipated.  I thought I could replace the […]

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Corvette Interior Update

A quick update on the carpet and radio replacement on the Corvette.  I got the new dash and console panels in place.  I replaced the radio surround and the top of the console.  I cleaned up the shifter boot and the PRNDL and re-assembled it. Came out pretty good, if I do say so myself. […]

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Corvette Project

I’m getting close now on finishing the “Corvette Project.” As usual, I saved the worst for last.  The interior. We bought the Corvette, a base model 1994 vintage coupe, in Polo Green Metallic with beige and black interior, cheap. It was cosmetically in pretty good shape. The exterior was in very good shape but the […]

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How to: Replace Rotors and Pads on a C4 Corvette

In the process of getting the Corvette fixed up and ready for the summer, I needed to change the brake rotors and pads.   I searched some of the Corvette forums looking for hints and tips on changing the pads on a Corvette.  I found a few descriptions but they were pretty lame.  Most looked like […]

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