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RMS Express and the PK232

RMS Express is a program for sending Email via Amateur Radio via the Winlink network.  It has capability of sending Email over the internet, over a High Frequency (HF) radio link, or over a Very High Frequency (VHF) radio link via AX.25 Packet Radio.  This program is used by many of the hams that are […]

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Would you say this guy is Overclocking his machine, just a bit??

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Microsoft does me a “favor”

This morning when I opened my browser on my netbook to check my mail noticed that Firefox looked different.  Not sure how is happened, but I now have a “Bing” search toolbar and Bing was set as my default search engine. I always use Firefox for my browser to prevent happenings like this.  IE is […]

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To Kindle or not to Kindle?

I’ve been considering purchasing an Ebook reader for a while now.  I have been reading all the reviews, doing my research, watching the prices, but until just last week couldn’t make up my mind.  In the end it came down to two likely candidates, the Amazon Kindle or the Barnes & Noble Nook.  Both had […]

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I love it when a plan comes together

Man, I really love it when things work the way they are supposed to.  Last night I fired up my notebook to check some emails and to pull up a technical manual that I wanted to read.  The manual was located on a RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Drives) drive downstairs in the radio room.  […]

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