Corvette Interior Project – FINAL!

Hopefully this is the final update on the Corvette interior project.  This morning, I put the final pieces of carpet and trim back on the car!   Got a good early start and finished up about noon.

As projects often do, this turned out to be more than I anticipated.  I thought I could replace the radio, some of the trim pieces and the carpeting in a couple of weekends.  But it just didn’t work out that way.  I did take my time with it in an effort to get everything done right which added some time.  There were some unanticipated problems like the crack in the drivers side floor and deciding to use upgraded thermal and sound insulation under the carpet, but in the end I simply did not realize that there was so much labor in replacing the carpet in a Corvette.

Interior from the rear hatch

Anyway, she’s complete now and it looks really good.  Got color samples from the carpet house and selected something that was closer to the color of the seats and trim than the stock.  The stock beige carpet was much darker than what I selected.  That could be from years of wear and dirt, who knows.  What I selected looks much better than the stock to me, it is lighter, matches the other beige on the trim parts, and makes the inside of the car brighter.

Passenger side



Check out the C4 Logo floor mats!

So it took a lot longer than I expected, but it came out really nice.

I’m happy with it.   Now, a good detailing and we should have some that will be fun to drive and look good doing it!

What’s next?  Well, I need to rebuild the headlight motors.  If you are going over about 55 miles per hour and turn on the headlights, they don’t rotate up like they should.  That should be a pretty easy fix.  Several of the Corvette parts house have rebuild kits for the slipper clutch in the headlight motors.   I may put a set of the eurospec headlamps in it, the headlights on this car are very poor.  I wouldn’t expect that on a sports car that has the performance this car does.

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