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Harley Tractor Trailer?

A coworker and Harley rider sent me this picture. I’m always amazed at how creative folks can be in customizing the cars and motorcycles! But this one, is something else. This person obviously has a lot of time and money on his hands! Check out that tandem front fork setup. I’ll like to see how […]

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California boy told he couldn’t ride his bike to school with his flag on it.

Young Cody Alicea of  Denair, California proudly displayed his American Flag on his bicycle.  However, school officials told him that for “safety reasons” he couldn’t ride his bike with the American Flag on it to school.   So young Cody called for some help, and got it.  Check out this video: KCRA Video Cool huh?   It […]

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Cycle Worlds “Best Used Bike”

I was surfing through some of the on-line motorcycle magazines when I came across a Cycle World Special Feature, CW’s Best Used Bikes and there was a photo of a ZRX1100R.  Well, that immediately got my attention, so I clicked on the link. Best Used Bikes I was interested because about three years ago I […]

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Cherohala Skyway Ride

Fall is usually one of the best times of the year in Atlanta for riding.  Fall is usually dry and the temperatures are on the cooler side, making motorcycle riding very pleasant. This year has been different.  After record drought over the past couple of years we have been getting above average rainfall over the […]

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Barber Motorsports Park and Museum

In July we took a few days off and took a motorcycle ride. One of the places we visited was Barber Motorsports Park and and Museum near Birmingham, Alabama. The Barber park is a fantastic facility and the Museum is just over the top! We spent about three hours roaming over its five levels enjoying […]

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