The Mitty Challenge – Road Atlanta

I had the opportunity to attend the Mitty Challenge at Road Atlanta this weekend. Barbara and I went last year and had a really good time. The Mitty is sports car racing on the excellent and challenging road course at Road Atlanta.

Barbara was getting over the flu this weekend and didn’t want to spend the day at the races.  So, my friend Kim came met me that and we enjoyed the day.  The racing was good.  We found a good spot to set up our chairs and watch the qualifying and the races.  Not only did we watch the races, I signed up for the Track Tour when you get the opportunity to drive on the track during the lunch break. That was a lot of fun, to get out on the road course with the Corvette.  Here’s a photo of me and my friend Kim circulating around turn one at Road Atlanta.

Cruising through turn 1 at Road Atlanta - Click thumbnail to see a larger photo


We had a good day watching the races, touring the track and eating BBQ !

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