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Adapting Automobile Scissors Lift for Can-Am Three Wheeler

I have been riding motorcycles since 1971.  My first bike was a ’66 Honda 305 Super Hawk that had been sitting for a very long time on the front porch of a Duplex in Pompano Beach, Florida.  The guy that owned it was moving and had to sell it fast, so I got it cheap.  […]

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NASCAR Experience 2020

My terrific daughter Jennifer got me NASCAR Experience drive in a NASCAR Cup Car at Atlanta Motor Speedway.  What a great birthday gift for a gear head like me!  The Drive was scheduled for September 12th but when we arrived it was threatening rain most of the morning and sure enough when it was my […]

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I did a brake job on the truck this weekend. Well, not just a brake job, I upgraded the brakes.  I put a set of Brake Performance Slotted and Cross Drilled rotors and some Ceramic brake pads. If you are curious what it takes to change the rotors and pads check out the page. It […]

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One year ago today

One year ago today, the Friday after thanksgiving, I put the last piece of carpet in the Corvette. That doesn’t sound like a really big deal, but let me know how you feel after replacing the carpet in a Corvette! It is a big job because of all the small pieces of carpet that have […]

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The Mitty Challenge – Road Atlanta

I had the opportunity to attend the Mitty Challenge at Road Atlanta this weekend. Barbara and I went last year and had a really good time. The Mitty is sports car racing on the excellent and challenging road course at Road Atlanta. Barbara was getting over the flu this weekend and didn’t want to spend […]

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