Corvette Interior Update

A quick update on the carpet and radio replacement on the Corvette.  I got the new dash and console panels in place.  I replaced the radio surround and the top of the console.  I cleaned up the shifter boot and the PRNDL and re-assembled it.

New radio, dash panel, and console top.

Came out pretty good, if I do say so myself.

I have only a couple of  pieces of carpet to install, the rear deck floor, the trim piece under the driver side dash, and the rocker panel covers.  Then, of course, put all the pieces back together, if I can remember where all the pieces go!


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  1. Anthony on November 24th, 2012


    Just found your site! Very cool. I have the exact same car except a 95. Bought it used in 97 and have replaced almost everything because I can. Sandy got it so I am redoing an otherwise perfect interior which google helped me to your site. One question I have is about the radio. What is the model and did it work with the Bose premium sound. Where did you mount the mic for the Bluetooth



  2. admin on November 25th, 2012


    Thanks for the comment on the website.

    The radio is a Jensen 9424BT. My car didn’t have the Bose system as original equipment, it had the AC Delco. The previous owner had replaced the Delco with a crappy Kenwood system that didn’t work very well. I actually wanted to put the OEM unit back in but could not find one even at an unreasonable price. So after some searching I decided on the Jensen with Nav and BT. I have been well pleased with it.

    I mounted the Bluetooth mic with a plastic clip on the edge of the dash pad just above the center A/C outlets. It works pretty well there and was easy to route the wire down beside the A/C Controls to the radio.