Lithium Batteries!

Oh Boy, I want a Christmas present with powerful Lithium Batteries in it!  Have a look at this video link!  What fun!

Oh yeah, let’s put some water on the Lithium fire so the battery will explode!

Suck it up, Buttercup

I saw this article yesterday on my phone and after reading it, I couldn’t get over how whiny it was.

Here is a guy who lost his “Dream Job” at Tesla and was compelled to whine about it on line!

Suck it up, Buttercup.  Crap happens.  Anyone who has worked for more than a few years has lost a job.  You are not special.  Over 40 or more years of employment I am pretty sure that this won’t be the only job you lose.  There are all manner of reasons you might lose a job, so don’t be surprised.  Sometimes businesses close, divisions are closed, there are down turns in business, businesses fail, and when that happens you have lots of company in the unemployment line!

Get your resume polished up, get it out there in the world, but together a plan to find a new job.  Work at getting a job as if it is your job, because it is now your job!

And, get over yourself!  Be happy that you had your dream job because a lot of people don’t ever get the opportunity to have theirs.

Biden Bovine Scatology

Within days of President Biden stating that he was putting inflation at the top of his list for domestic action, the administration cancels drilling leases in Alaska’s Cook Inlet area.  Drilling Leases canceled:

White House statement on Biden “The President’s top economic priority is tackling inflation and reducing costs for American families – so we can sustain this historic economic recovery in a way that benefits all Americans.”:

If you recall one of the first things he did upon taking office was cancel oil and gas drilling leases.  Whatever you think of Trump, he achieved US energy independence for the first time in 70+ years.

I am really looking forward to paying $10 for a box of Wheaties, if I can find one!

Let’s Go Brandon!


I think Harry was correct

Harry Truman was one of my favorite Democrats.  He was as straight a shooter as there ever was.   On this, I think he was absolutely correct.

We think we are smarter today?

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