I think Harry was correct

Harry Truman was one of my favorite Democrats.  He was as straight a shooter as there ever was.   On this, I think he was absolutely correct.

We think we are smarter today?

It is a shame

It is a shame that we have to get news and video of our elected officials from Australia!  The US Media does everything they can to protect the Democrats.

This video is from SKY News.  It is a great example of the why the US Media doesn’t show news conferences on TV any more.  Seems like our President isn’t the only one that has lost it….Ms. Nancy is just totally blithering! 

New Study on Electric Vehicles cost per mile

I saw an interesting article on Yahoo News. I usually don’t see anything headlined on Yahoo News except adventures of the Kardashians, Elizabeth Hurley’s abs, or headlines about something bad Trump did. But this one caught my attention:

Which Really Costs More: Charging an EV or Filling Up Your Tank With Gas?

There have been several studies on the relative costs of charging EVs vs. fueling your hydrocarbon powered personal conveyance with gasoline. In those studies EVs always came out being cheaper to drive than gasoline vehicles.

However, Anderson Economic Group — a respected economic consulting firm with decades of auto industry experience — released the results of its own study. They looked at more than just the cost of gasoline per mile vs. kilowatt hours per mile. They took into consideration the higher cost of commercial charging as compared to charging at home. Also, the factored in the costs of the home charging equipment, and “deadheading,” driving around looking for far flung commercial charging stations. Plus, something I didn’t know about, taxes applied to EVs by states and cities because they don’t pay gasoline taxes.

The bottom line of this study is that EVs energy cost can reach $12.95 per 100 miles as compared to $8.50 per 100 miles for a gasoline vehicle that can do 33 MPG.

Here is a link to the full article:

Your Advice?

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