A Jammer on the 30 Meter Band?

August 2, 2023 0200Z:

I was trying to copy the German RTTY Weather station on 10.1008 MHz and came across what looks like a jammer signal from 10.100 MHz to 10.120 MHz.  Here is a short video.

It is now 0225Z and it is still going strong.  Anyone know what this is ?


0310Z still ripping on 30 Meters!

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  1. SiG on August 12th, 2023

    I’ve looked for this before but not seen it until tonight. I was only in the shack from about 0230 to 0300 UTC, and it was still there when I shut down.

    It wasn’t in the 30m band but 20 kHz wide as this SW shows with the top of the signal BW either right at 10.100000 or close to it. It interfered with the German RTTY station at 10.1008.

    I also looked at a wider spectrum on HDSDR and saw other signals that looked a lot like it much higher in frequency.

    I’ll email you a screen capture of that wider IF if you’d like.


  2. admin on August 14th, 2023

    I have only seen it that one time. But, over the next few days after I saw the signal I did hear weak SSB conversations in Spanish in the 30 meter band. They disappeared also. My theory is still it was jammer.