New Toy – Hauler

I sold the vintage GMC motorhome a few months ago.  With my friend Alice, went looking for a reasonably sized Toy Hauler.  Of all we looked at we liked the Heartland Fuel 265 the best.  It had a very nice bath, very usable with a stand up shower and linen storage in the bath.  A good sized living/kitchen area with a slide, and a 13 foot garage that is 100 inches wide.  King size bed and good storage.

Well, Alice came across a 2021 unit on Facebook Marketplace in Cartersville, Ga about 22 miles from my house.  We looked at it, it was lightly used and we made a deal.  In addition to the standard equipment this one had Two Roku TV’s already installed.  Winegard AIR360+ with 4G and wi-fi extender, and a Onan 4KW generator….Perfect.

Here are a few photos of the new Toy – Hauler.

So now we are getting our “stuff” in the camper and getting it properly outfitted.  It is going to work out well!


So Golden

This one is so funny I just had to post it.  It is so like a Golden Retriever.  I have had several Golden’s over the years, one mix and two pure bred Golden Retrievers.  They are great dogs and terrific entertainment.


Lithium Batteries!

Oh Boy, I want a Christmas present with powerful Lithium Batteries in it!  Have a look at this video link!  What fun!

Oh yeah, let’s put some water on the Lithium fire so the battery will explode!

Suck it up, Buttercup

I saw this article yesterday on my phone and after reading it, I couldn’t get over how whiny it was.

Here is a guy who lost his “Dream Job” at Tesla and was compelled to whine about it on line!

Suck it up, Buttercup.  Crap happens.  Anyone who has worked for more than a few years has lost a job.  You are not special.  Over 40 or more years of employment I am pretty sure that this won’t be the only job you lose.  There are all manner of reasons you might lose a job, so don’t be surprised.  Sometimes businesses close, divisions are closed, there are down turns in business, businesses fail, and when that happens you have lots of company in the unemployment line!

Get your resume polished up, get it out there in the world, but together a plan to find a new job.  Work at getting a job as if it is your job, because it is now your job!

And, get over yourself!  Be happy that you had your dream job because a lot of people don’t ever get the opportunity to have theirs.

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