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Drake 2-NT Transmitter Re-Cap

I really love the older “Vintage” ham radio gear.   I especially like the Drake radios.  Drake produced some really fine radios, but went out of the Ham Radio business in the 1980’s. The radios are still great radios and perform nearly as good as some of the very latest ham radios made today.  In particular […]

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Notice Something Different?

Did you notice something different on the website?  Well, the name has changed…..actually, my Amateur Radio Call, for which he site is named, has changed. I was first licensed as a Novice Class Amateur Radio Operator in 1965 as WN4EJE.  After my novice period, I passed my General Class License test which included a 13 […]

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Rope Memory

I was watching a program today on the Science Channel called “Moon Machines – The Navigation Computer.”  This is a six part series that reviews the history of the development of the systems required to complete the Apollo mission to the moon.  This particular episode was on the development of the Navigation Computer used in […]

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New Page – Heathkit HP-24 Recap

I’ve added a new page to the website, a How-To on replacing filer caps in the Heathkit HP-24 power supply. The HP-24 is the AC power supply for the Heathkit HA-14 Compact Kilowatt linear amplifier. The supply was in serious need of having the filter caps replaced. So I shot a few photos with the […]

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I love it when a plan comes together

Man, I really love it when things work the way they are supposed to.  Last night I fired up my notebook to check some emails and to pull up a technical manual that I wanted to read.  The manual was located on a RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Drives) drive downstairs in the radio room.  […]

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