NASCAR Experience 2020

My terrific daughter Jennifer got me NASCAR Experience drive in a NASCAR Cup Car at Atlanta Motor Speedway.  What a great birthday gift for a gear head like me!  The Drive was scheduled for September 12th but when we arrived it was threatening rain most of the morning and sure enough when it was my turn to go at 1:00 PM it was raining.  So we rescheduled for today, Sunday, September 13.  Good weather was with us and I got to do 7 laps around the race track.

Here is a video from inside the car.  In the lower right corner is the view of the driver and on the rest of the screen is the view out the windshield of the car.

During the drive my best lap speed was 146.09 MPH.  Not to shabby for an old guy.

Thanks Jennifer for a great birthday present that I will remember forever!


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