One year ago today

One year ago today, the Friday after thanksgiving, I put the last piece of carpet in the Corvette. That doesn’t sound like a really big deal, but let me know how you feel after replacing the carpet in a Corvette! It is a big job because of all the small pieces of carpet that have to be fitted and glued. Not to mention all of those glued pieces of carpet that have to be removed from the car and the interior trim panels. It is a job.  I ordered the carpet in July and it arrived in August.  When the weather cooled off a little bit in September I started on the project.  I figured a couple of weekends, maybe three, I would be done.  Little did I know!

We had a good summer with the car. Got to do some shows and picked up a trophy. Hopefully we will get to do some more next summer. The car shows have wound down for the year. There are still some year round cruise ins this time of year but even those are pretty slim. It doesn’t completely shut down like it does in some parts of the country, but there isn’t much going on this time of year.

So, today’s project is to pull the car out and wash it and then pull it back in the garage and put the cover on it. Won’t get driven much from now till the spring. A few trips, but I will wait until after all the fallen leaves have gone away, they really clog up the radiator.

Here is a couple of photos of the interior, one with it gutted, the other after it was finished.


Interior gutted and ready to be cleaned up


Interior completed!

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