California boy told he couldn’t ride his bike to school with his flag on it.

Young Cody Alicea of  Denair, California proudly displayed his American Flag on his bicycle.  However, school officials told him that for “safety reasons” he couldn’t ride his bike with the American Flag on it to school.   So young Cody called for some help, and got it.  Check out this video:

KCRA Video

Cool huh?   It is great to see a young man like Cody standing up for his rights.  And it’s great that the American Legion Riders came to help him out.  Can’t you imagine what what the school officials thought when Cody rode up with his “friends!”

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  1. SiGraybeard on January 14th, 2011

    That is super!

    A really great story. Good to see the kid and his big buds standing up and winning.