Flakey LT

I have had an intermittent problem with the LT not starting from time to time.  Everything looks good, but I hit the starter button and nothing happens.  It is really a “nothing” happens.  No starter solenoid clicking, no change on the  many lights on the dashboard, nothing.

The first couple of times I experienced this problem, I found that I could turn the kill switch off and back on and the bike would start.  It did it two times in one day, one time the next day, then for over a week, it never did it again.

Today it did it big time.  We had gone for a ride, we went up A1A north of St. Augustine and across County Road 210 toward Green Cove Springs.  I guess we rode for about two hours or so.  We decided to go to downtown St. Augustine to Columbia for some salad and black bean soup for lunch.  When I came out the bike wouldn’t start again.  I tried my trick, turning the kill switch off then back on, and this time, nothing.  I shut the ignition completely off several times, nothing.  I tried it on the kick stand, not on the kick stand, in neutral, not in netural, you name it, nothing.  I was just about to call a cab to take me to the condo so I could get the truck and trailer, when I tried it one more time.  This time, against advice, I pulled the front brake handle and the bike started.  You are not supposed to pull the brake handles or let the bike move while the ABS is doing its self test.  But the bike started.

We brought it back to the condo and put it in the trailer.

The LT is losing the touring bike shootout.   These things don’t help it’s chances.

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