Microsoft bids $42 Billion for Yahoo

As Claude Pepper, former Congressman from Florida used to say about government spending , a couple million here, a couple million there and pretty soon you are talking about some real money! Well Claude, Microsoft is after Yahoo and they are talking real money.

Microsoft is again using its deep pockets to buy out a company that have been in-effective at competing against. In case you haven’t heard, Microsoft has offered $42 Billion in cash and stock to the share holders of Yahoo. This was an unsolicited offer, or as some have reported, a hostile takeover attempt.

Here is a quote (from Yahoo’s news page) from Microsoft:

Brad Smith, Microsoft’s general counsel, said preventing Microsoft from buying Yahoo would undermine competition by allowing Google to become even more dominant than it already is on the Internet

“Microsoft is committed to openness, innovation, and the protection of privacy on the Internet,” Smith said. “We believe that the combination of Microsoft and Yahoo! will advance these goals.”

Microsoft is committed to openness? This is the same Microsoft that was found guilty of anti-trust over trying to make it’s Internet Explorer the only browser that would work with the Windows operating system? That Microsoft?  I have worked at two companies that used manufacturing software supplied by software companies that were Microsoft official partners.  “Microsoft Partners,” develop systems that run on Microsoft OS, using Microsoft powered servers, with Microsoft development applications, and with Microsoft SQL servers.  The have support and training websites for the their customers that just don’t work with any other browser besides Internet Explorer.  Imagine that!

If this buyout goes through I can see the future of Yahoo will go the Microsoft way. First, you won’t be able to use your Firefox or Opera browser on Yahoo because they don’t support the “advanced features” offered on the sight after Yahoo is ported over to Microsoft IIS servers. (!) Of course, the advanced features will include the robust MS .NET technology, so you can look for Yahoo to slow down considerably.  So you can just forget using your Linux/UNIX machine on Yahoo Mail.  Probably your Mac too.

I have used the Yahoo search engine and Email for 10 years, and I have to say I have been greatly satisfied with the service I have received. I even pay for the Yahoo Premium email service. It works great, is reliable as anything I have seen on the Internet and for $20 a year is hard to beat. I guess I can kiss that goodbye if Microsoft takes over Yahoo!

What do you think?

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