One Question Poll

The big local news-talk radio station in Atlanta is running running a one question poll on their website.  The question is, “Would you support and immigration law here in Georgia similar to the one passed in Arizona?”

I registered my vote.  After submitting your vote you get to see the results, at the time I voted it was 96% in favor, 6% opposed.

Click here to see the WSB Poll.

96% in favor of a law similar to Arizona’s a pretty clear mandate.  Obviously illegal immigration is not popular in Georgia as well as in Arizona.  Makes me think, in light of the announcement by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton last week that the the Department of Justice was going to file a lawsuit against Arizona, what would the Federal Government do if all of the states passed a similar law?  Would they sue all of the states in Federal Court?   That would be a good use of taxpayer money, to bear the expense of 50 lawsuits.

Combine that with the national polls that show that over 60% of the people polled support Arizona’s law I think we can pretty well understand that the Administrator doesn’t care what we think.  They are moving on their agenda and the hell with what the voters think.

People, we have to fix this in November 2010, and again in November 2012!

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