Interesting Stats on Deaths from the CDC

Interesting numbers… Missing Logic

As reported by the CDC .. 

Here are the US deaths by year and the change from the previous year. 

  • Year 2017: 2,818,503 Americans died
  • Year 2018: 2,839,205 deaths (20,702 more than the previous year 2017)
  • Year 2019: 2,855,000 deaths (16,300 more than the previous year 2018) 

The year of the pandemic .. 

Year 2020: 2,913,144 deaths (57,641 more than the previous year 2019) 

BUT WAIT: There were zero deaths from Covid-19 during 2018, and 2019 and the jump from 2019 was only 57,641 ???

I’ve been told that COVID is responsible now for 500,000 + deaths. Shouldn’t the 2020 number be a lot higher? 

So, the question becomes: How many people died of COVID and How many died (of other causes) WITH COVID? 


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  1. Differ on April 25th, 2021

    Please post links to the source of your data. I, too, am skeptical of the 500k number bandied around by the press, but without provenance, your numbers are just hearsay.
    Cheers, Diff.

  2. admin on May 4th, 2021

    It came from the CDC’s report generator, Takes a little work to get the filters set but gives all kinds of detail on the various causes of death. It is interesting to play with.

    DE N4RFC