Microsoft Survey

I was looking for a ultra portable computer that runs Winders 10.  Now, I am no fan of Winders 10, but it is the platform that Flex Smart SDR software runs on.  Smart SDR is the application that allows me to access and operate my Amateur Radio Station from remote locations over the internet.

I had been using an I7 notebook computer with a 15 inch screen that was heavy has very short battery life.  I wanted something smaller, lighter and I found that an I5 process provided perfectly usable performance for Smart SDR.  So, looking around I found a pretty good deal on a Microsoft Surface Pro 7.  Very light, has touch screen that works very well with the Smart SDR software.  For instance, when I want to transmit with the remote radio I can just touch the MOX button on the screen and I am transmitting.  Touch it again and I am receiving.  Want to change frequency, touch the screen and drag right or left to change the frequency.  Very easy to use.  I have used the Pro 7 to access the radio remotely several times and it works great.

About a week after I purchased the Surface Pro 7 I get an email from Microsoft with a survey about my opinion of the Pro 7.  I liked it just fine so I thought I would go through the survey.  Just as I would have expected the survey covered how I used the computer, what features I liked, and features could be added and so on.  The last page however was most interesting.  It asked me how I feel when I was using my new computer.   Really, how do I feel when I use it?  Here is the last page of the survey:

Imagine you’ve accomplished the things below with Surface Pro 7, how do you feel?
Please select all that apply.

  • Makes me feel admired by others
  • Helps me feel safe
  • Makes me feel smarter
  • Makes me feel like I can accomplish anything
  • Makes me feel unique
  • Makes me feel like I’m in control
  • Makes me feel more creative
  • Helps me be a responsible person
  • Helps me feel relaxed
  • Makes me feel more confident
  • Makes me feel successful
  • Helps me reward myself
  • Makes me feel proud
  • Helps me improve myself
  • It helps me find inspiration
  • Makes me feel more attractive

I’m reading down this list of feelings thinking, “WTF!”  MAKES ME FEEL MORE ATTRACTIVE?  Double WTF? Give me a freaking break!  This stuff is for millennials!  How do I feel? I feel fine as long as Winders 7 doesn’t fold the tent and lose my document.  How do I feel then, not really good, really pissed off most of the time when that happens!  But feeling more creative, more relaxed, proud, more attractive?  Nope, no way, NFW!

Where do they come up with this stuff?

One other thing, this is not an April Fools joke.  The questions on the survey were for real!!!


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