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’08 Ultra Classic break in

I took the ’08 Ultra to the Harley dealer a week ago to get a few minor problems looked at under warranty. The two problems were the shocks were very “bouncy” and the clutch was kinda rough on take-off. I had called several weeks ago to drop off the bike, they were taking “appointments” for […]

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’08 Ultra Classic Update

We’ve had the Ultra for three weeks now, and as is typical, with I get a new bike we start having either cold or rainy weather every weekend. This year is no exception. But, I have managed to get past the 500 mile break-in and can start to ride the bike a little harder. Below […]

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Final – LT vs. Harley Touring Shootout

After riding the BMW K1200LT for almost 4 weeks now, the final decision is in!  The judges, Barbara and I came to a unanimous decision.  There was no disagreement between us.  It was an interesting comparison.  The BMW K1200LT is a fine motorcycle.  Some of the things we liked about the bike were: Power – […]

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Flakey LT

I have had an intermittent problem with the LT not starting from time to time.  Everything looks good, but I hit the starter button and nothing happens.  It is really a “nothing” happens.  No starter solenoid clicking, no change on the  many lights on the dashboard, nothing. The first couple of times I experienced this […]

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LT – Harley Shootout

The squeaky rear brake on the LT has been driving me crazy. Squeaky doesn’t quite describe the noise this thing makes. Screeching is more accurate, and as Barb says, “Fingernails on a chalkboard.” I was riding over an overpass the other day with a concrete wall beside me, as I slowed down the brake started […]

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