Quick Guide to WSJT-X on the Icom IC-7100

We had a great presentation today by Wendell, N4VLK,  on the digital mode FT-8 today at the CARS club meeting. I was asked if I have run FT-8 / WSJT-X on my IC-7100. Yep, I have, and it works quite well too. I know where are a number of guys in the club that have the IC-7100 so I thought I would share my setup information.  Here is a very quick guide on setting up WSJT-X on the Icom IC-7100.  I am assuming that you have already installed the Icom supplied USB CAT and USB Audio drivers.  If not, do install them before continuing with the WSJT-X installation.

First, download and install Dimension 4, an app to keep your clock synced to the NBS time source. This is very important to make sure your receive and transmit timing is correct, otherwise WSJT-X will not decode signals and other stations will not be able to decode your signal.  (you can click on the images below to see a larger view)

Website for Dimention 4

Installation is pretty straight forward, select a sever to sync with and click the Sync “Now button.”

Dim 4 Install screen

Once you have Dimension 4 installed, go to the website for WSJT-X and install the Windows version.

Download site for WSJT-X

You can use the defaults for the install.

Run the WSJT-X program and you should see two windows, the waterfall display window and the main window.  In the main window click “File” on the top menu and select Settings from the pull down.

On the General Settings tab, enter your Call and your Grid Square information

WSJT-X General Settings

Then on the Radio tab enter the info for you CAT port for the IC-7100.  Select the radio type, then the serial port, in my case it is Com 6, and select CAT for the PTT. Once these settings are complete you can click on the “Test CAT” button at the bottom right of the window.  If button turns Green your CAT is setup correctly.   You can also test the PTT function with the “Test PPT” button.

WSJT-X Radio Settings Tab

Then go to the Audio Tab and select the USB Microphone and Speakers for the audio interface.

WSJT-X Radio Tab Settings

A couple more settings and we are done!  Now go to the Reporting Tab and set the program to send data to PSKReporter website.

WSJT-X Reporting Setup

Close the Setup window and one final setting is to the “Mode” on the main menu bar of the WSJT-X main screen and set the mode to FT-8.  Can also run other modes with this program if you desire.

WSJT-X Mode Setting

Ok, you should be ready to operate at this point!  I suggest watching for a while to get a feel for what is going on with the program.  Also, reading the user guide will be a great help.

Have fun on FT-8!  If you have any questions that I can help you with email me at bob@n4rfc.com.

73 and GL

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  1. Richard on May 29th, 2018

    hallo dear OM
    i search for a bit time to run my IC7100 in data modes ( FT8) and found your home page.
    What cables are requested to connect the Transceiver to the computer, i only use a USB cable do i need cat cable ?

    I dont have any CD delivered with my Transceiver, what must i install for programms ?
    Thanks for your help vy73 de Rich

  2. admin on May 29th, 2018

    You only need the one USB cable, both the sound card interface and the CAT interface are on that one USB port. You will need to download the CAT / Soundcard drivers from the Icom website to make all this work. They can be downloaded from this site:

    Have fun!
    Bob – N4RFC

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