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Nice Sunday for a ride

Easter Sunday here was a beautiful day!  Clear skies and the temperature very quickly was up in the middle 60’s with a promise of reaching near 70 degrees in the afternoon.  We’ve had some really changeable weather in the ATL area this year.  Winter seems to be hanging on as long as it can.  One […]

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Bridgestone BT-021 Sport Touring Tires – First Impression

With only 3400 miles on rear tire on the ZRX1200R, it was shot. It had a very thin flat spot in the center but plenty of tread on the sides. My riding is typically around town and to and from work, too much straight riding and not enough turns. When I bought the bike a […]

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’08 Ultra Classic break in

I took the ’08 Ultra to the Harley dealer a week ago to get a few minor problems looked at under warranty. The two problems were the shocks were very “bouncy” and the clutch was kinda rough on take-off. I had called several weeks ago to drop off the bike, they were taking “appointments” for […]

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Double Edged Sword

Despite the threat of thundershowers this afternoon, I rode the Harley to work today. It’s July now and we are in the afternoon thundershower cycle that is typical for these summer months. Lunch time comes around so I run out to get some fuel in the bike and a sandwich to bring back to work […]

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’08 Ultra Classic Update

We’ve had the Ultra for three weeks now, and as is typical, with I get a new bike we start having either cold or rainy weather every weekend. This year is no exception. But, I have managed to get past the 500 mile break-in and can start to ride the bike a little harder. Below […]

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