Notice Something Different?

Did you notice something different on the website?  Well, the name has changed…..actually, my Amateur Radio Call, for which he site is named, has changed.

I was first licensed as a Novice Class Amateur Radio Operator in 1965 as WN4EJE.  After my novice period, I passed my General Class License test which included a 13 word per minute code test and a technical test, and my call changed to WB4EJE.  I have had that call until December of 2014.

I like to operate CW (morse code for the uninitiated.)  WB4EJE is a terrible call to send and hear on CW.  The problem is, that last “E” on the end is a single ‘dit’ in morse code and frequently gets lost, especially when the bands are noisy or the signals are weak.   I can’t tell you how many times I have had other stations come back to me with ‘wb4ej’ instead of ‘wb4eje.’

The FCC started a program some years ago called the Vanity Call system.  In this system you can dig through all of the unissued Ham Radio calls and pick one that you like for your own.  A lot of Hams, if it is available, will get their initials as their call, or other catchy calls.

The general rule for Ham Calls is the shorter the better.  Basically, the older licenses have the shorter calls.  As more and more Calls were issued the length of the Calls got longer.  They started out as just two letters and one number.  (The number in a Ham Call indicate the region of the US you are in.  There are 10, 0 through 9, plus some funky ones for US Possessions)  Because I am an Extra Class License holder I qualify under Vanity Call system for a one by two call, I.E. W4BC or a two by one call, like WB5C.

However, to complicate matters, a few years ago the FCC removed the requirement from the Extra Class Licensee to pass a 20 Word Per Minute code test.  Apparently the 20 WPM code requirement was keeping a lot of Hams from upgrading from the lower class licenses to the Extra.  (Extra Class is the highest)  When the FCC removed the code requirements a large number of folks that couldn’t pass the code test, but could pass the technical exam became Extra Class License holders and they basically sucked up all the 1X2 and 2X1 calls.  So when I started looking, there was basically nothing much available in a shorter 1X2 or 2X1 call.

So I decided to look for a 1X3, of which there were lots available, that had a nice sound on CW.  After looking I narrowed it down to N4RFC and about 18 other choices.  I got my first choice and there you have it my call is now N4RFC.

I have registered the Internet Domain, N4RFC.COM.  You can now get to my website by either or  However, in May of this year will expire and I am not renewing it.   It, like my old call, will go into the pool to used again.  Whatever.




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  1. sigraybeard on February 28th, 2015

    Changed on my site. It still shows the URL as the old one, and both seem to work. Which means that someday in May, my link won’t work anymore.

    RF Choke is a good call.

  2. admin on May 7th, 2015

    Well, as of 5 May, 2015 the old URL has expired. It is now only on

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