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Timeline of a murder

5:00 PM on Friday, December 2, 2011 Jorelys Rivera is playing at the playground at her apartment home.  She leaves the playground to get some drinks for her and her friends and is not seen again. Later that evening Canton Police start their search for Jorelys.  Searching through the night for the missing 7-year child, […]

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Harley Tractor Trailer?

A coworker and Harley rider sent me this picture. I’m always amazed at how creative folks can be in customizing the cars and motorcycles! But this one, is something else. This person obviously has a lot of time and money on his hands! Check out that tandem front fork setup. I’ll like to see how […]

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Corvette Project

I’m getting close now on finishing the “Corvette Project.” As usual, I saved the worst for last.  The interior. We bought the Corvette, a base model 1994 vintage coupe, in Polo Green Metallic with beige and black interior, cheap. It was cosmetically in pretty good shape. The exterior was in very good shape but the […]

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Answers to the name “Lucky”

Remember the old joke about the lost dog: Lost Dog 3 Legs, blind in left eye, missing right ear, broken tail, recently castrated, answers to the name “Lucky.”   Well, “Lucky” lives at our house. After we lost our miniature dachshund some months ago Barb had been on the look out for new dog to […]

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Dolphin Bubbles

This is one of the neatest things I have seen in a while!  Dolphins blowing bubble rings and then playing with them.  Check out this video: Isn’t that just about the most interesting thing you have seen?  The fact that the dolphins have learned how to do this from each other is just amazing.

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