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Last year, there was a Mensa convention in San Francisco. Mensa, as you know, is a national organization for people who have an IQ of 140 or higher. Several of the Mensa members went out for lunch at a local cafe. When they sat down, one of them discovered that their salt shaker contained pepper, and […]

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Deer Hunting Question

Looking forward to hunting season but I do have a question. If I shoot a buck, but I only have a doe tag, can I claim that the buck wasn’t really a buck? I mean … maybe he’d always wanted to be a doe, but with no choice of his own he was born with […]

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He’s confused?

The dog it confused?  I’m confused!

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Notice Something Different?

Did you notice something different on the website?  Well, the name has changed…..actually, my Amateur Radio Call, for which he site is named, has changed. I was first licensed as a Novice Class Amateur Radio Operator in 1965 as WN4EJE.  After my novice period, I passed my General Class License test which included a 13 […]

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Here’s an Idea!

This might be an idea….I received this in a email the other day that had a number of humorous pictures.  But when I thought about it, and all the STUPID warnings that are put on products today, I began to think there was some merit to the idea.   What do you think?

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