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RMS Express and the PK232

RMS Express is a program for sending Email via Amateur Radio via the Winlink network.  It has capability of sending Email over the internet, over a High Frequency (HF) radio link, or over a Very High Frequency (VHF) radio link via AX.25 Packet Radio.  This program is used by many of the hams that are […]

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Rope Memory

I was watching a program today on the Science Channel called “Moon Machines – The Navigation Computer.”  This is a six part series that reviews the history of the development of the systems required to complete the Apollo mission to the moon.  This particular episode was on the development of the Navigation Computer used in […]

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Apple is doing what?

You would never guess that Apple, the darling of the left, is avoiding paying taxes.   In fact, they have set the standard for other companies to avoid paying taxes. Apple has set up their operations in states that have low or no corporate income taxes.  Yes, Apple, the darling of the left, is avoiding […]

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The Greatest Generation

This is a great story.  84 year old Ted Gundy was a WWII Army Sniper.   Today, he has the opportunity to make a dream shot from a distance of 1000 yards! Shooting USA Impossible Shots series gives Ted a chance to preform this 1000 yard shot with a modern target rifle.     Truly a […]

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High Gas Prices – Just Part of the Agenda

Don’t look to the Whitehouse for any relief from high gas prices, it isn’t part of the agenda. Justin Farmer from Channel 2 in Atlanta (local ABC station) interviewed your President this week. One of the questions asked was about the high gas prices. Here is Obama’s reply. “There’s no silver bullet to bringing down […]

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